LEGION BASEBALL: Princeton’s Whitten wins Bosse home run derby

Dillon Whitten, a member of Princeton’s American Legion baseball team, won the inaugural Bosse Throwback Classic Home Run Derby at Bosse Field Friday evening.

The event was part of the 12-team American Legion Bosse Throwback Classic tournament taking place from Thursday, June 27 through Sunday, June 30 at various Evansville baseball fields.

Whitten won by smacking a homer to left-center field on his last out of the championship round. He and teammate Tyler Stolz were the only batters out of the 17 participants from six Legion teams to homer at Bosse Field.

Whitten hit two home runs in the 10-out first round, one homer on the 5-out championship round and will be a senior at Gibson Southern High School this fall.

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Bosse Throwback Classic Home Run Derby results:
First round
— 2 home runs: Dillon Whitten (Princeton).
— 1 home run: Tyler Stolz (Princeton).
— 0 home runs: Jake Denbow (House Springs, Mo.); Beenden Murphy (House Springs, Mo.); Jake Moore (House Springs, Mo.); Bryson Jenkins (Newburgh, Ind.); Daniel Sander (Newburgh, Ind.); Nick Coudret (Newburgh, Ind.); Kaleb Krigbaum (Piatt County, Ill.); Ben Wilson Kaleb Krigbaum (Piatt County, Ill.); Tucker Robinson; Caleb Wagner (Princeton, Ind.); Tanner Butler (Sullivan, Ind.); Noble Harrison (Sullivan, Ind.); Cody Turner (Sullivan, Ind.); Austin Bruner (Evansville Pate, Ind.); Hayden Bershears (Evansville Pate, Ind.)
Second/championship round
— 1 home run: Dillon Whitten (Princeton, Ind.).
— 0 home runs: Tyler Stolz (Princeton, Ind.).


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