New IHSAA football classifications

The maps

Class 6A
Class 5A
Class 4A
Class 3A
Class 2A
Class A

The Indiana High School Athletic Association approved and released 2013-14 and 2014-15 sectional alignments for all sports April 29.

Classifications with enrollments for each school were announced on March 12.

The new sectionals typically stir up controversy with fans on internet forums and media alike giving reactions to the new sectional groupings. The exact process of drawing sectional boundaries and grouping teams isn’t released, so fans are left to speculate. There are typically a relative few changes year-to-year in the groupings, but this year was different because of the IHSAA’s success factor and football’s sixth class being introduced — especially for the sport of football. Nearly every high school football team in Indiana will be playing in a new sectional this fall — less some teams in Class A.

So that’s what this blog post will illustrate — exact locations of all 322 high school football teams in Indiana on six Google maps (one for each class). That should be particularly helpful to casual fans, who may not pay attention to every IHSAA news release and would be confused when looking for “Sectional x” results, only to find that their team has changed sectionals. The teams are grouped together (with colors) by sectionals with separate layers for north and south semistates.

The six maps above should greatly aide anyone who is looking to debate the IHSAA’s alignment process or even casual fans looking to find directions to football games in fall.

NOTES: The maps were made using the Beta version of Google’s new Maps Engine Lite. The software, still in testing, has some features like layers, which Google Maps lacks, but the new software also lacks some features like a limit of three layers on any map, a limit of 64 elements in any layer and the lack of an export-to-.kml feature. Maps Engine Lite also can not be embedded into blogs because is unable to handle iframe tags.

The IHSAA has 411 member schools and 20 varsity sports each with different classifications. The only way to make a Google map for each sport and class would be to make a master Keyhole Markup Language file with every high school and their classification with each sport. That file could then be imported into Google’s new mapping software, if it could support more elements, more layers and even sublayers.

[View the story “Reactions to new IHSAA football sectionals” on Storify]


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