STATE SEN. HOLDMAN: Ammendment to require training only for football coaches

I spoke to state Sen. Travis Holdman, R-Markle, on Thursday afternoon.

He is the author for Senate Bill 372. Holdman said the bill would be amended from all coaches of high school sports being required to undergo concussion training to just football coaches being required to complete concussion training.

Holdman said the organization, USA Football, which is based out of Indianapolis and funded by the National Football League Players’ Association and the NFL, contacted him and offered the proposed legislation.

Holdman said USA Football would like to use Indiana as a model for the rest of the U.S and that the requirements in the bill would be some of the nation’s first.

Other student athletes and teams using public properties or being organized by public entities would be still required to distribute information on concussions.

I will post some of Holdman’s quotes and hopefully the language in the amendment late Thursday night or Friday morning.

The Indiana High School Athletic Assocation currently has recommended concussion guidelines.


2 Replies to “STATE SEN. HOLDMAN: Ammendment to require training only for football coaches”

  1. This bill is ridiculous. Why would football coaches be the only coaches required to have concussion training? Does Sen. Holdman think that concussions only occur in football and no other sports? How bizarre and out of touch this is. As a loing-time certified athletic trainer and now athletic director, I have evaluated concussions in every sport offered at the high school and middle school level, not just football. While football is certainly a sport with a high incident rate of concussions, others are close behind– wrestling, soccer, basketball, etc. It occurs in ALL sports. This bill is a sign of people who are out of touch with the real issues of concussions in sports.

  2. From what I can gather, there are concerns on getting such a broad bill passed (affecting all sports).

    If the bill is narrowed to football, it could serve as a starting point for other sports.

    I think Sen. Holdman would like the bill to apply to all sports. That is how he originally wrote it.

    Even in the current wording (applying to just football), Sen. Holdman was concerned that it may face problems on the floor.

    I’ll post the amendments tonight.

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